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How to Combat Short Eye Lashes: Eyelash Extensions & Other Options for Longer Lashes

Eyelashes can be a transformative part of your look. Long eyelashes can make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and more alluring. It’s not surprising that a CoverGirl survey found that 50 percent of women would choose mascara if they could only have one makeup product! However, sometimes mascara doesn’t provide the results we’re looking for. Luckily, there are other options for getting dramatic lashes.

Ways to Get Longer Eyelashes

There are several methods for long, curled eyelashes. They involve a variety of products, time commitments, budgets and skill levels.

Tips for Longer Looking Eyelashes

  • Use a curling wandBefore applying any products, using a curling wand is a simple way to make your eyelashes appear longer. Curling the lashes makes them stand upright, rather than extending straight, giving the appearance of longer eyelashes. For the best results, use a curling wand that won’t stick to eyelashes and curl the lashes three times: at the base, in the middle and the tips. This creates a more natural, extended curl.
  • Use mascaraLook for mascaras that come with a small wand or buy your own at a beauty supply store to use with your favourite formula. The smaller wand allows you to coat every lash, including smaller corner ones, to create a full fringe of lashes. Experimenting with different formulas and application techniques, like slowly blinking while you apply the mascara, can also provide different results.
  • Fake eyelashesThere have been a lot of advancements in false eyelashes in recent years. There’s a lot more variety in styles and colours, and you can get a range of looks from natural to dramatic. However, they still require some tweezers, patience and a steady hand to apply them correctly.
  • Eyelash extensionsEyelash extensions are a new option for ladies with short eyelashes or those looking for more volume. They have gained popularity recently and most people who use them love the results. Like false eyelashes, they can also provide a range of looks, from very subtle to very dramatic, but they last three to four weeks. Options include different lengths, colours and styles.

What You Need to Know about Eyelash Extensions

As one of the newest options for longer lashes, it’s important to understand how eyelash extensions work.


  • Lasting resultsOne of the most appealing things about eyelash extensions is that the results can last for up to a month.
  • Saving time Depending on the look you opt for, you may be able to eliminate a step from your morning beauty routine. That means you can enjoy weeks with a simpler beauty routine and a lot of time saved in the morning!
  • Customized lookThe results mascara provides can be limited and the look of false eyelashes can be too dramatic (and time-consuming) for daily wear. With eyelash extensions, you can work with your eyelash specialist to determine the length, colour and style of extensions and get the look that you want.


  • It’s personal As noted, your eyelash extension expert will work with you to choose the style and length that is right for you. Look online before your appointment so that you can clearly communicate your needs and desires and be open to different options to achieve your perfect look.
  • It can be time-consumingJust like the results, the appointment where extensions are applied can take a long time. Depending on the look you want, and number of extensions that need to be applied, the appointment may last several hours.
  • It can be hard to stay still – The eyes have a tendency to flicker and move, even when we don’t want them to. Some people find it difficult to keep their eyes closed for an extended period of time without blinking or flinching involuntarily. Your esthetician will work with you to make you feel comfortable, but it can help to relax your mind and book your appointment when you will not be overly stressed, busy or distracted.

Results and After-Care:

  • ResultsYour lash extensions will be in place for three to four weeks following application. This time can vary depending on your habits, routines and aftercare.
  • Take care of your extensionsWhile you may be able to eliminate a step from your beauty routine, eyelash extensions do require aftercare in order to maintain your look and experience long lasting results. The eyelash extensions require daily combing with a spooley brush and a gentle hand when applying and removing makeup. Using wipes instead of cotton pads can help ensure no debris gets stuck to the extensions.
  • Removal or maintenance Unlike the application process, which can be lengthy, the removal of eyelash extensions doesn’t require any attention. The extensions will gradually fall out, just like your natural eyelashes. You can either opt to return to your natural look or visit your eyelash specialist to fill in your look with more extensions.

Want to take your look to the next level with eyelash extensions? Visit us at Canadian Beauty College. Our Toronto beauty school is home to some of the best professionals in the industry, with specific eyelash extension training. We can provide you with the eyelashes you’ve always wanted.

Interested in becoming an esthetician? Fill out our online contact form or attend an open house event to see if our esthetician school in Ontario is right for you.

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