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How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

People with tattoos they no longer want are often miserable. Some of them feel ashamed or embarrassed of their tattoo’s quality, condition, or design. Others have painful memories associated with their tattoo’s meaning that they’d rather leave behind. Laser technology has made tattoo removal an affordable possibility for a larger group of people. Learning how it works can set you on the path to helping others rub out their regrets and start again.

What is a Tattoo?

To understand just how laser tattoo removal works, it’s important to understand the science behind getting a tattoo in the first place. A tattoo is a mark created by ink inserted into the skin’s dermal layer, the inner layer of skin (not the epidermis, which is the outer layer).

Today, most tattoo artists use an electric machine somewhat comparable to a sewing machine or dental drill. This machine moves a needle up and down to repeatedly puncture the skin and deposit drops of ink in a pre-selected pattern.

Why Is Laser Tattoo Removal the Best Choice?

Before laser tattoo removal, other more dangerous methods of tattoo removal were used, including dermabrasion (the sanding of the skin itself to remove the dermal and epidermal layers) and excision (cutting out the tattoo with a scalpel and stitching it up—with larger tattoos, this often required skin grafts).

These techniques cause intense scarring, which is just as disfiguring as a tattoo you dislike, and results in a lot more physical and emotional pain. While these techniques are sometimes still utilized, laser tattoo removal is comparatively easier and causes the least amount of scarring possible. Laser removal doesn’t have many side effects, doesn’t cause excessive bleeding, and is a relatively low-risk process performed by a well-trained technician.

How Do Lasers Remove Tattoos?

Lasers emit short bursts of bright light that penetrate the top layer of the skin and are absorbed by the original ink pigment that created the tattoo. The laser’s energy bursts the ink pigments. These manageable fragments are then absorbed by the body and removed via the immune system over a period of several weeks.

A tattoo’s color can determine how difficult or easy it is to remove: black and blue ink are the easiest to remove, while green and yellow are the hardest. This is because black ink absorbs every possible laser wavelength, while other colors only absorb specific wavelengths and require a more selective laser. Tattoo laser removal is as unique as each individual tattoo. Most tattoos take several sessions spaced several weeks apart to remove, especially if the tattoo is multicolored.

Unlike earlier methods of tattoo removal, like excision, laser tattoo removal specifically targets ink fragments, not the skin itself, which means that lasers can remove tattoos without damaging or destroying the skin.

Becoming a trained laser technician means you can help clients wipe out their painful past with a high-tech, relatively easy process. Contact the Canadian Beauty College to start making a difference today.

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“My experience at the Canadian Beauty College is amazing. The staff is friendly and my teacher is very professional and very well organized in delivering the program. I have been studying for only two weeks and have been taught so much about the hairstyling industry. Canadian Beauty College is very professional and a fun learning environment.”

Dimitry N.
Hairstyling Diploma Student

“I am a student of the hairstyling diploma program. I am very happy with my teacher, Andrew. This was a great decision to join this school. I learn new things everyday.”

Hairstyling Diploma

“Informative and interesting course. Great instruction with important and relevant practical work. This is an excellent way to prepare for my new career.”

K. Preston
Medical Aesthetics Diploma Student

“I am currently a student of the hairstyling diploma program and I am very happy to have such a highly trained instructor! He provides me with superior education in a very comfortable atmosphere. It was the best decision I ever made. I will recommend Canadian Beauty College to any who would want to become a hairstylist.”

Hairstyling Diploma
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