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by Canadian Beauty College

5 Skincare Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

When it comes to skincare advice, it’s often tricky to separate fact from fiction. After all, there’s so much misinformation floating around on the internet! Luckily, the cosmetology and medical aesthetics experts from Canadian Beauty College are here to debunk prevalent skincare myths.


  1. Eating greasy foods causes acne

While greasy and fatty foods can have a host of negative effects on your body, there’s no scientific evidence suggesting that they’re to blame for your most recent breakout.

That being said, dairy is linked to acne flare-ups, especially around your chin and jawline. So, if you’re noticing more breakouts and inflammation in those areas, you might want to cut back.


  1. Makeup prematurely ages the skin

As any makeup artist will tell you, makeup doesn’t age your skin as long as you wash it off every night.

If you take the time to properly remove your makeup and follow the correct cleansing routine for your skin type, your skin will remain perfectly healthy. In fact, many modern makeup products are designed to help nourish, or even improve, your skin.


  1. Hot water is best for washing your face

Actually, lukewarm water is best. Using hot water to wash your face can dry out your skin and remove its protective moisture barrier.

To open your pores, you can gently steam them with a hot towel or by taking a shower. However, be careful not to directly expose your face to hot water for too long.


  1. People with naturally oily skin shouldn’t moisturize

Even if your skin is naturally on the oily side, you should use a quality moisturizer after washing your face. After all, most cleansers strip the natural oils from your skin, which need to be replenished afterwards.

To find the right moisturizer for your skin type, we recommend consulting with cosmetology professional.


  1. Exfoliating vigorously leads to the best results

When washing your face, gentler is almost always better. Exfoliating too vigorously or more than two to three times a week can strip your skin of its protective moisture barrier. This makes it vulnerable to clogged pores, excessive dryness and even premature wrinkling.


Looking for medical aesthetics treatments?

If you want to learn how to properly care for your skin or need some extra help in keeping it beautiful, reach out to Canadian Beauty College. Our Toronto medical spa offers an array of professional cosmetology treatments designed to provide numerous benefits. Contact us today to discover our services and monthly specials.

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“My experience at the Canadian Beauty College is amazing. The staff is friendly and my teacher is very professional and very well organized in delivering the program. I have been studying for only two weeks and have been taught so much about the hairstyling industry. Canadian Beauty College is very professional and a fun learning environment.”

Dimitry N.
Hairstyling Diploma Student

“I am a student of the hairstyling diploma program. I am very happy with my teacher, Andrew. This was a great decision to join this school. I learn new things everyday.”

Hairstyling Diploma

“Informative and interesting course. Great instruction with important and relevant practical work. This is an excellent way to prepare for my new career.”

K. Preston
Medical Aesthetics Diploma Student

“I am currently a student of the hairstyling diploma program and I am very happy to have such a highly trained instructor! He provides me with superior education in a very comfortable atmosphere. It was the best decision I ever made. I will recommend Canadian Beauty College to any who would want to become a hairstylist.”

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