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by Canadian Beauty College

How to Perfect the Red Lip from the Top Beauty School in Mississauga

At one point or another, you have probably wondered how to get those perfect red lips. Like any task with results that are worth aiming for, applying makeup for long-lasting and flawless results requires time and patience. For most women, it also ends up being a process of trial and error. You can be different! Among the leading beauty schools in Mississauga, Canadian Beauty College specializes in the art of makeup and helping people look and feel their very best. With the training and support of an experienced makeup instructor, you can gain knowledge in both theory and practical application to help you master a red lip that works.


Ways to Wear the Red Lip

New to the world of makeup? When it comes to the application process, there are a number of guidelines to follow to ensure you get the best possible results. Like painting and drawing, applying makeup is an art form consisting of special techniques and tools for a glowing visage that boosts confidence. If you need a hand achieving the red lip look, but not sure where to begin, consider the following tips:

  • Texture for flexibility – You have many options here. You can go bold or choose a subtle colour. You can go glossy or matte. Perhaps you prefer a sheer? Whichever option you select, be sure it’s a colour you love and one that will pop with your outfit.
  • Choose a red that is flattering on you – The trick is to pick a red that makes your skin glow and your smile sparkle. Colours with a blue undertone work well, including those from the deep-pink and plum collection. If you aren’t sure which hue works with your skin tone, be safe and opt for a colour that is one shade darker than your lips.
  • The illusion of fuller lips – It’s important to keep your lips hydrated and looking soft and supple. To achieve luscious lips, exfoliate your lips to rid them of any dry skin. Balms or moisturizers can instantly make your lips look fuller.
  • Apply a nude base for best results – Apply foundation and lip liner to your lips before you add the colour. This will help the red pop and the color last. This step also prevents the lipstick from bleeding into the lines around your lips. Be sure to pick a lip liner that matches the colour of your lipstick and remember to blend the lipstick for a full, finished look.
  • Pucker, pout and blot – Once you have applied one layer of lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue. This will remove any excess lipstick while helping to press the colour into your lips. Apply one more layer and you are ready to go!

Be Industry Ready in Months through Award Winning Makeup School in Toronto

If you are passionate about makeup and helping people look great and feel confident, Canadian Beauty College’s Makeup Diploma program may be the perfect career choice for you. We are here to help you perfect the art of makeup design and prepare you, through well-rounded comprehensive and professional training, for the exciting world of cosmetics. With our small class sizes and qualified instructors, practical application in our clinic on real clients, and relationship building with industry partners, you will be ready to launch your new, dynamic career within months.

Contact us at 1-866-720-4920 or request information online about our Makeup or Esthetics program at our beauty schools in Toronto and Mississauga.

Your First Step into the Job Market

Here is what our students have to say

“My experience at the Canadian Beauty College is amazing. The staff is friendly and my teacher is very professional and very well organized in delivering the program. I have been studying for only two weeks and have been taught so much about the hairstyling industry. Canadian Beauty College is very professional and a fun learning environment.”

Dimitry N.
Hairstyling Diploma Student

“I am a student of the hairstyling diploma program. I am very happy with my teacher, Andrew. This was a great decision to join this school. I learn new things everyday.”

Hairstyling Diploma

“Informative and interesting course. Great instruction with important and relevant practical work. This is an excellent way to prepare for my new career.”

K. Preston
Medical Aesthetics Diploma Student

“I am currently a student of the hairstyling diploma program and I am very happy to have such a highly trained instructor! He provides me with superior education in a very comfortable atmosphere. It was the best decision I ever made. I will recommend Canadian Beauty College to any who would want to become a hairstylist.”

Hairstyling Diploma
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