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How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Summer

Do you find that your skin feels dry and looks dull at this time of year, despite the humid Toronto weather? Here are a few tips to help keep your skin soft and moisturized during the hot summer months.

Drink plenty of water

A simple first step to helping your skin look and feel healthy in the summer is to make sure you’re getting enough fluids. While you should be drinking about two litres of water per day, keep in mind that you can boost your hydration level with other beverages as well as fruits, vegetables and low-sodium broth. Remember to drink more on particularly hot days and when you engage in physical activity.

Keep up your skin care routine

After a long day in the sun or a late night, you might be tempted to slack off on skin care. This is a mistake. The combination of sun exposure and dry, air-conditioned air leaves your skin parched and in need of regular care. Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Wash your face every night before you go to bed, especially if you wear makeup and sunscreen during the day. Sleeping with dirty skin can cause irritation, inflammation and breakouts. You should also wash your face after you exercise to prevent sweat and dirt from blocking your pores.
  • A buildup of dead skin cells can prevent your skin from absorbing moisture and skin care products. Use an exfoliating scrub or brush to remove dead skin cells regularly. If exfoliating is new to your skin care routine, start by doing it only two or three times a week to avoid irritation.
  • This is a key step to making sure your skin stays hydrated at any time of the year. For best results, apply moisturizing face cream and body lotion when your skin is still damp. This will trap the water in your skin and keep it moisturized longer.
  • Use sun protection. You should never leave the house without sunscreen. Apply a product with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 every morning and again before you spend time in the sun.

Skin care treatments in the GTA

If you want more advice on how to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, speak with a cosmetology professional at a Canadian Beauty College medical spa near you. You can also enjoy the benefits of our professional skin treatments including hydrating facials, microdermabrasion and Botox. Contact us today to book an appointment or learn more about our medical esthetics programs.

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Here is what our students have to say

“My experience at the Canadian Beauty College is amazing. The staff is friendly and my teacher is very professional and very well organized in delivering the program. I have been studying for only two weeks and have been taught so much about the hairstyling industry. Canadian Beauty College is very professional and a fun learning environment.”

Dimitry N.
Hairstyling Diploma Student

“I am a student of the hairstyling diploma program. I am very happy with my teacher, Andrew. This was a great decision to join this school. I learn new things everyday.”

Hairstyling Diploma

“Informative and interesting course. Great instruction with important and relevant practical work. This is an excellent way to prepare for my new career.”

K. Preston
Medical Aesthetics Diploma Student

“I am currently a student of the hairstyling diploma program and I am very happy to have such a highly trained instructor! He provides me with superior education in a very comfortable atmosphere. It was the best decision I ever made. I will recommend Canadian Beauty College to any who would want to become a hairstylist.”

Hairstyling Diploma
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