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The Relationship between Your Eyebrows and History

A Look at Eyebrows through the Ages and the Latest Eyebrow Makeup Trends

Makeup and clothes have evolved throughout history and eyebrow trends are no exception. Beyond their ability to keep dust, dirt, and sweat out of your eyes, eyebrows can alter the entire appearance of your face. The right eyebrow shape can lift your appearance and create a more youthful look. At our beauty schools in Ontario, we are privileged to witness and even contribute to the latest eyebrow makeup trends. If you enrol for a course at our makeup school in Toronto, you will be part of this exciting phenomenon.
Proper shaping and grooming of your eyebrows frame the eyes and emphasize your best features. In recent years, constant maintenance of your eyebrows has become a necessary beauty practice. However, women throughout history have always been brow obsessed, with their looks defined by what is arguably the single, most important facial feature.

A woman with beautiful eyebrows in Toronto.


How do Eyebrows Reflect History and Culture?

As important as eyebrows are for practical reasons, they also serve an important social function. Learn how popular eyebrow makeup trends have transformed through the ages:

  • The Ancient Egyptian Eyebrows 3500 B.C. – 2500 B.C. – Since makeup in this period was widely believed to hold supernatural powers and medicinal properties, all Ancient Egyptians wore it – regardless of gender. Emphasis was placed on heavily-lined eyes, which meant that eyebrows needed to be equally as bold. Eyebrows were darkened, arched, and elongated using carbon substances.
  • The Middle Ages Eyebrows 1066 – 1485 – The desire amongst women from the Middle Ages was to draw attention to their domed foreheads. Considered a desirable trait, Medieval women would heavily pluck their eyebrows to emphasize this trait. Many women also dyed their eyebrows in red tones, to emulate Queen Elizabeth.
  • Eyebrows of the 1920’s – The 1920’s were all about glamour and many women in this decade drew beauty inspiration from the models and actresses on the film screen. The ideal eyebrow shape was thin, straight, and extended beyond the outer corner of the eye. This was also the first time commercially-made products were accessible for women in the general public.
  • Eyebrows of the 1950’s – High arches and thicker eyebrows became the new trend in the 1950’s. Women continued to follow by example, looking to the biggest Hollywood stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn for new makeup ideas.
  • Eyebrows of the 1990’s – Once again, thin eyebrows were all the rage in this decade – a nod to the minimalist movement. Sleek lines and neutral tones were celebrated, while highly manicured eyebrows were in keeping with the less-is-more approach of the time.
  • The Bold Eyebrows of Today – In 2012, model Cara Delevingne was featured in her first high-profile fashion campaign. Her thick, iconic eyebrows were not to be missed; and suddenly, women everywhere immediately began trying to undo the over-tweezed look from the previous decades. Thicker, almost bushy eyebrows are now the most popular trend and may serve as a reflection of an increasingly feminist culture.


How do Eyebrows Reflect You?

Eyebrows have had a long history in providing a facial signature for women. A simple feature has defined generations and eyebrows can be looked upon to signify a reflection of the changing times. Regardless of the shape, colour, and size, there is no right way to style your eyebrows. As much as popular trends dictate, eyebrows, like your other facial features, are a unique expression of you.

If you want to learn more about eyebrow makeup trends or you are interested in a makeup program, taking a course at our Toronto cosmetology college can set you up to achieve success in the beauty field.

For more information about our beauty schools in Ontario, across the Toronto area, call Canadian Beauty College at 1-866-720-4920 or contact us online and we will get back to you promptly.

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