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by Canadian Beauty College

Hair Accessories for Your New Look

Whether you want to make a statement, or simply want the hair out of your face, hair accessories provide the perfect tool for clean, chic, covet-worthy tresses.

Accessories keep your hair looking up-to-date from work to school to home and everywhere in between.
These hair accessories will never go out of style, so feel free to add them to your new look.

Hair Ties

While hair ties make ponytails possible, ponytails make life better. Easy-to-do hair ties and easy-to-style ponytails may seem basic, but if you wear it with confidence and class, your ‘do is sure to stand out.

Everyone from tennis players and high school teachers to royals and celebrities know how to rock a ponytail—you can, too. In the 1950s, a bare-faced Audrey Hepburn transformed the basic hair-tied ponytail from a drag to a dream. Decades later, powerful figures like Meryl Streep and Hilary Clinton made the ponytail seem anything but basic.

If you’re still wondering if the ponytail has gone out of style, consider this: Rihanna, one of the most fashion-forward women today, wears her ponytails high and proud. If she can do it, you can, too. All you need to pull it off is a good old-fashioned hair tie.


Despite what you may think, hats are the perfect poolside, shore-side, anywhere-side accessories. Whether you’re having a bad hair day, or want to top off your look with a boater or cap, you can never go wrong with a hat.

  • Baseball caps: fun and flirty, baseball caps let any girl show off an athletic side while still looking stylish. Bonus? You can even wear it backwards.
  • Bucket hats: classic and casual, bucket hats are making a definite comeback.
  • Boaters: fashionable and fun, boaters are for the free-spirited “it” girls (think Carrie Bradshaw).
  • Panama hats: easy and breezy, panama hats channel the perfect amount of professional chicness. If that’s not enough to convince you, think back to when Robert Redford donned one as Jay Gatsby. Swoon.
  • Wide-brimmed fedoras: stylish and sophisticated, fedoras are perfect for formal and casual occasions.
  • Sun hats: light and loose, sun hats add style while eliminating sun’s rays.

Whether you choose a baseball cap or wide-brimmed fedora, make sure whatever hat you wear is the stand-out accessory of your outfit.


It doesn’t matter if you have long tresses or a short pixie, headbands never go out of style. Here’s how you can accessorize your mane without making a fuss:

  • Pixie: Choose a slim, flat headband that doesn’t create too much drama or too many layers. You can never go wrong with neutral-toned headbands in shades like ivory, silver, or gold.
  • Chin-length: Those with chin-length hair shouldn’t be afraid of choosing a bold headband. Whether it is coloured or jeweled, the headband you choose should replace loud earring and necklaces altogether.
  • Long tresses: If you have long tresses, keep your look low-key. Don’t use floppy or oversized headbands—something more subtle and stretchy usually looks better.
  • Updo: When it comes to updos, you already have a lot going on in the hair department. Consider choosing and using a simple, sleek headband to add some easy, hassle-free fun.

Head Wraps & Hair Scarves

Whether you have thick, thin, long, or short hair, head wraps look good on everyone. Head wraps and hair scarves come in versatile fabrics and can be styled in many different ways:

  • Tied up
  • Tied down
  • Knotted
  • Braided
  • Bun cover

If you’ve got the confidence, you can rock whatever head wrap or hair scarf that suits your stylish fancy.


There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, barrettes are chic. You can use a barrette for preppy ponies, basic updos, and classic knots. Whether you want to keep your hair all up or half down, barrettes are the perfect accessory: they are strong enough to hold all of your hair and trendy enough to make any hairdo look effortless.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours. Although these fun accessories can glam hair up or tone hair down, it all depends on where you place them. Some people use bobby pins to create intricate, Victorian-inspired hairdos while others use them to keep the bangs (fringe) off their face.

It’s up to you to take a risk and try bobby pins in different area. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, too—you never know what unique style you might create.

Whether you choose to wear hair ties, hats, headbands, wraps, scarves, barrettes, or bobby pins, pick the style and accessory that is right for your look and occasion. It doesn’t take much to dress up your tresses, it all comes down to how confident you feel wearing them. Don’t be afraid to stand out and try something you’ve never done before—find a hair piece that suits your style and your face.

If you have a passion for hair, consider learning more about our hair styling schools in Ontario. With locations in Vaughan and throughout Toronto, students from our hair school learn contemporary trends and techniques to better serve their clients. For more information, contact Canadian Beauty College today!

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Here is what our students have to say

“My experience at the Canadian Beauty College is amazing. The staff is friendly and my teacher is very professional and very well organized in delivering the program. I have been studying for only two weeks and have been taught so much about the hairstyling industry. Canadian Beauty College is very professional and a fun learning environment.”

Dimitry N.
Hairstyling Diploma Student

“I am a student of the hairstyling diploma program. I am very happy with my teacher, Andrew. This was a great decision to join this school. I learn new things everyday.”

Hairstyling Diploma

“Informative and interesting course. Great instruction with important and relevant practical work. This is an excellent way to prepare for my new career.”

K. Preston
Medical Aesthetics Diploma Student

“I am currently a student of the hairstyling diploma program and I am very happy to have such a highly trained instructor! He provides me with superior education in a very comfortable atmosphere. It was the best decision I ever made. I will recommend Canadian Beauty College to any who would want to become a hairstylist.”

Hairstyling Diploma
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